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no negative pressure water supply set

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Variable frequency pump series constant pressure frequency conversion water supply system is composed of newest great performance PID frequency conversion controlling cabinet, one pump or more than 2 pumps. It is the top technical water boosting equipment, which can automatically adjust to satisfy the requirement of constant pressure, variable water demand.


The pressure of water supply net can be kept constant water pressure. The whole water supply system can be at best effective, energy saving, perfect status.



2.1  Vertical stainless steel multistage pump

2.2  Frequency converter and pressure sensor

2.3   A series pipeline, valve and base


3.Range of application

3.1Used for water plant and booster pump station

3.2Used for water supply of residential area, hotel, restaurant and big public building

3.3Used for all kinds of factory

3.4Used for fire fighting of residential area, hotel, restaurant and big public building

3.5Used for factory constant pressure ,cooling water and circulation water

3.6Used for hot water supply, air condition and so on

3.7Used for sewage pump station,sewage handle and so on

3.8Used for agricultural irrigation,greenland irrigation, landscape and fountain


4.There are two ways of water supply, they are frequency convention water supply and pressure tank water supply.

1) Frequency water supply is automatically adjust the rotation speed of one pump or run/stop one or more pumps, which is the best water supply way to keep the water supply net to be stable .


2) Another way is pressure tank water supply which don,t start the pump motor, the pressure tank store some water which can offer water when you need less water. Such as at night or any other case. It is easy to use for Domestic water supply 

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5.1 According to water consumption,usage frequency converter to control speed of the pump ,high efficieny

and protection the pump.

5.2Usage pressure sensor, top floor and base floor are same pressure--constant pressure

5.3Easy to install,only connect the cable, you can use it.